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29.10.2012: Rianne Janssen: „Decisions have to be made: the issue of standard setting in education measurement",

16.11.2012: Wilco H. M. Emons: „Explanatory Person-Fit Analysis in Educational Testing",

17.12.2012: Stephen G. Sireci: „Educational Assessment Policy in the United States (e.g., No Child Left Behind)"

13.03.2013: Cees Glass: "The use of item response theory in large-scale educational surveys: state-of-the-art and new developments."

4.04. 2013: Ronald Hambleton: "Translating and Adapting Psychological Tests for Cross-Cultural Research"

16.05.2013: Kyung (Chris) T. Han: "Discussion of the 3PL Model: What is the Best Guessing at the Guessing Parameter?"

21.06.2013: Wim J. van der Linden:  "Using Response Times to Improve Educational Testing"

24.01.2014 prof. Christian Monseur: A between item multi-dimensional scaling on the PISA 2009 opportunity to learn

25.02.2014 dr Maciej Jakubowski: Badania a polityka: reforma edukacyjna w świetle wyników PISA